Here we go again!

Told if we get the vaccine life would go back to normal.

Well, now we have to don the face mask once again regardless of vaccination status.

So, what was the point of vaccinations if you still have to wear a mask?

And please don’t answer me with all sorts of excuses, such as science is blah! Blah! etc.

I personally don’t care about excuses and reasons.

All I know is that I want to live my life free of this constant bombardment of hysteria.

It’s as if nothing we do will satisfy this, this thing.

I am just tired of it. It is grinding. It has gotten to be just too much.

Where can I go to escape this?

Am I just lost here on this lonely planet?

I would like to just find a quiet, safe place where I don’t hear the constant drum roll of Covid-19, and now Delta variant. What’s next? Epsilon?

It begs the question when Eta, Theta and Iota will manifest themselves.

Perhaps, these will show up this fall.

I surely hope not, but they probably will.

Let’s not forget Kappa, Lambda and Mu. Yep, I can just imagine these are all just waiting in the wings. I truly believe that it just will not end, all of this. . . .

Geez! It’s like some sick Fraternity/Sorority prank that has been played on the world!

Is this just the new normal?

It makes me feel absolutely hopeless.

I just cannot envision covering my face again as if I am some sort of pawn in a game I don’t want to play.

Mask up, folks!

Better yet, don two or maybe even four to be as safe as possible.


Mask up, too.

Just put the dang thing on and don’t say a thing.

Do exactly as you are instructed.








It’s not going to get any better.

Of that I am now convinced.

Welcome to the new normal.

Jenny W. Andrews Copyright 2021