This world can be very ugly and often times we get discouraged.

My mama used to say, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.”

Unfortunately, that is true.

Truth is that right now there is this shadow of darkness over us. . .It is one thing after another.

Collectively, our hearts are breaking and I am not sure quite what to do with the pain.

But, I believe that there is still beauty in this world. There has to be; there just has to be.

Take time to spend time in a garden, to enjoy the beauty that is God’s creation.

Of course, it is too simplistic to even remotely entertain the notion that just looking at flowers will make the pain of this darkness in this world go away. It won’t, but if just for a minute, maybe looking at something lovely will remind us that goodness and beauty does exist.

It just has to.

It just has to.

Our hearts are broken in this world.

I believe that God will not and has not abandoned us.

Pray for peace; pray for healing; simply pray.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Hydrangeas: A Poem

Delicate deep blue petals spill onto the rain-drenched ground.

Little white clapboard house squeezed between two other little white clapboard houses, like life left to gasp at its final defeat.

Nothing ever blossomed there,

except those deep blue hydrangeas Mama grew beneath the black wrought iron banister next to the front steps leading out.

Railroad track across the dirt road, I thought of it as a potential exit strategy in the event that the inevitable occurred.

In front of our little white clapboard house, that railroad track laid itself out among tangled weeds, and escaped hydrangea petals.

Jenny W. Andrews Copyright 2021