Bully Another Day: My Novel

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that back in 2020 I self-published my novel.

It is available on Kindle, as well as in paperback. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. In this great big world, there are so many writers and so many books. So many books address different issues. I believe that what makes my book unique is that I tell the story from the perspective of the alleged “villain.” Johanna is the main character and from some perspectives she might be considered the “villain.” The question I pose is at what point in our society does apathy lead to tragedy. Shouldn’t those people in authority, (teachers, pastors, and parents) have stepped in when Johanna was being bullied? Wasn’t she a victim before she turned into a “villain?” Or was she ever really a “villain”? My story begs the question, as well, how much exactly does our environment and genetic makeup play a role in how we react to our interpretation or misinterpretation of the world around us?

In this book, I examine the impact of bullying on the main character who already suffered from mental illness. I also address the unique social strata in which those who grow up on the “wrong side of the tracks” are treated differently because of having grown up in a mobile home park. That societal discrimination against the poor in contrast to the more wealthy is also addressed in this novel.

I feel very strongly about my novel’s importance in its analysis of social and economic factors which impact those with mental health issues. Do the kids who grow up in a mobile home park (or in any poor part of town) get treated vastly different than those from the wealthier parts of town when they present with mental health issues?

I think we all know the unfortunate truth. Poor people are indeed treated differently. Those with mental health issues are at the mercy of an apathetic world.

How does this apathy pan out in the end?

Who is to blame?

Who is to blame when society fails to step in and care for those among us who are mentally ill?

Please read my novel and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for your support.


Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022


Window side world in a coffee shop; youth in fragments on a hot May afternoon.

Studying for college finals, sipping coffee, not grasping the urgency of time’s passing.

Outside, sun bears down on broken asphalt.

Voices spill out, laughter fills up the retreating spaces.

What is the balance of these moments, the passing of these youthful days?

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Without Delay

“You may delay, but time will not-” Benjamin Franklin (Keepinspiring.me)

We all make excuses about why we cannot get started on a particular project. Either we have to watch a movie on Netflix we’d seen for the tenth time; either our tummy is growling and we need a quick trip to the nearest takeout restaurant; either our pet is in need of an ear scratching; either we need to scroll for the thousandth time on our favorite social media to see whether there really are seashells on Mars, et cetera and so forth. . .( I don’t think there are seashells on Mars. This is my imagination running wild as it often does!)

There is always an excuse as to why we just can’t get started.

But, as Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it we may delay but time doesn’t.

Time moves on. Twenty-four hours for each and everyone of us.

It is up to us as to how we are going to prioritize our time.

Time marches on.

How can we maximize our time is the question.

I’ve started writing a schedule in a journal on my desk. I pencil in at least two hours to write on my new novel, poetry book, or short story collection. By writing down my goal I see it as a priority. It is there for me to read and to check off once I have devoted designated time to my priority.

Face it, time will not wait for any of us. For a variety of reasons we delay our movement to our goals. Maybe it is fear of failure that makes us delay.

I forget who said that the surest way to fail is to not start.

So, motivate yourself now while you have time. Unfortunately, time in this beautiful amazing world is limited for all of us. Appreciate the blessing that time is. If you are healthy and capable, be thankful.

Time marches on. Think about what you truly in your heart want to achieve and write it down. Plan and act.

Don’t delay.

Time doesn’t.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

A Quote from Emerson

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be-” Ralph Waldo Emerson (keepinspiring.me)

Decisions and choices.

And, consequences of our decisions and our choices.

Some like to argue that we are at the mercy of invisible forces beyond our control: economic, societal, geographical, et cetera and so forth. And, of course, there is some validity to those arguments.

However, at what point do we take charge of our own destinies and put our foot down and decide how we shall live?

When do we decide our own destinies rather than relinquishing our power to invisible forces that tell us that we are weak and something else controls us?

It is certainly not easy in this life with so many factors influencing our lives, but we do have vast reserves of power in our souls. God gave each of us a spirit of courage; we are not to be afraid. We are to be joyous and we are not to give into despair.

We have power. We have power to decide our destinies.

So, the next time you feel that you have limited power remember that you do have power; you have power to decide your destiny.

But, remember there are consequences for each of your actions.

To chart your own destiny is to be prepared to make choices and to accept the consequences of your actions.

So, consider the words of Emerson. Think about your destiny. Who do you want to be? How do you plan to be that person? What daily steps do you plan to take to reach your goals?

Don’t give into despair and relinquish your power. Stand tall, plan, be strong.

Know that God is with you; you are not alone.

Be joyous. Be courageous. Chart your own destiny.

It’s within your power to reach your goals.

Step out on faith; get started.


Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Don’t Forget!

Okay, I have previously posted a few times about my novel “Bully Another Day,” I have previously posted about my other books I have written: “Spaces between the Pause” and “Life at the End of the Rainbow” (Poetry), and “Short Stories and Vignettes.”

I write because I love to express myself; I write because I hope that my words can encourage readers to see the world in different perspectives; I write to entertain in the sense that reading can help us escape from our own reality for awhile.

I love to read because it offers me the opportunity to understand the way someone else sees the world; I love to read because it is soothing to just escape sometimes through the pages of a book. A book opens our minds to so many possibilities. We don’t have to agree with everything we read, but we can learn from each book we read. Literature is about learning; it is about experiencing someone else’s view through their unique lens. It is the freedom to express oneself that makes reading and writing so very essential to our existence in this world. We learn from each other. We might not agree, but that’s fine. It’s our uniqueness that makes us all necessary to this beautiful tapestry called life.

So, don’t forget to read my novel “Bully Another Day.” It is on Kindle/Amazon. “Life at the End of the Rainbow” is on Kindle/Amazon, as well. “Spaces between the Pause” and “Short Stories and Vignettes” are available on Amazon but only in paperback at this time. I am still considering putting them on Kindle as an e-book, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, thank you for considering reading my books. Please let me know what you think.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

My New Poetry Book: Spaces between the Pause

Okay, everybody, instead of thinking about self-publishing and thinking about how to promote my books, I’ve decided to just go ahead and go for it!

Last night, I wrote my blog about my novel “Bully Another Day,” and tonight I am going to tell you about my poetry book, “Spaces between the Pause.” This is my second poetry book. “Life at the End of the Rainbow” is my first poetry book.

“Spaces between the Pause” includes 50 poems that I have written over the years. It is mostly free verse. The themes include, love, disappointment, self-realization, reconciliation with the past, and the passage of time and how it has impacted me.

Here is a poem about love from the past:


Plastic honeysuckles in a haphazard bouquet,

you presented to me behind the bleachers, wrapped me up in your team jacket, held me.

Kissed me softly beneath the third floor stairwell until the principal discovered us there and like a love-hating tyrant told us to stop.

Stop what?


Stop loving?


You and I were so innocent back then; neither one of us on that chilly January morning in nineteen, seventy-eight knew just how easily a heart could break.

This poem is included in “Spaces between the Pause.”

This poetry book is only in hardback. It is on Amazon books. I am still unsure if I want to include putting books on Kindle. I’d put “Life at the End of the Rainbow” on Kindle, and it was okay. What say you? Do you think I should put my books on Kindle?

I am just so in love with actual books that I can hold in my hand. Kindle is on a computer. I just can’t relax with a Kindle book. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading my book, you can buy it on Amazon Books. “Spaces between the Pause” by Jenny W. Andrews.

If you do, please leave a review.

Be kind, if you do.

Kindness is what this world is missing.

Thank you in advance for your support.

God’s blessings to you, always.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2021

Bully Another Day: My Novel

I have always loved to write; I’ve always loved to tell stories. Writing has such an impact on our world. Words have the power to inspire; words have the power to destroy, as well, unfortunately. Words have the power to make us think and to look at different perspectives. I love words and always have. As a small child, I was fascinated by story books I got from the library. Entire worlds are within book covers. Of course, now we have Kindle. That’s okay. Life is about changes and we have to learn to adapt ( as long as that adapting is sensible and beneficial).

My novel is on Kindle now. Previously, I explained that this novel takes a look at the detrimental impact of bullying on someone who already has a mental illness. My novel also explores how the lack of intervention by those who should have intervened led to a tragic end. As I am a forever optimist, the light of redemption is shone in the lives of the characters. This novel is very special to me. It is my hope that in the reading of it that you can consider just how important we all are in caring for each other. When we fail to take a stand against bullying, we become complicit in the harm to that person, and then ultimately to ourselves. We are all part of the same fabric; we cannot prosper when one thread becomes broken. We all begin to unravel. The unravelling of that fabric is what this story is about. I didn’t write it to become rich and famous; I wrote it to make the reader think.

I hope that you take the time to read my novel and to leave a comment on Kindle/Amazon books.

The title is Bully Another Day/Jenny W. Andrews. Go to Kindle Books Official site and book my title and name in the search bar.

Thank you so much for your support.

Have a blessed week.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Evening Sky over The River

I took this photo a few years back before real estate developers swooped down with a vengeance and started hacking down ancient oaks and cypress along the river banks so that they could construct ugly, dark cinderblock, outrageously expensive condominiums that no local residents could even fantasize about purchasing.

Now, on the steps of those outrageously expensive ugly, dark cinderblock condominiums homeless people stroll by pushing shopping carts filled with their earthly belongings. A few blocks away, homeless people have pitched tents, scattered blankets, so forth and so on, to make a home for themselves. Now, the powers that be have decided to pass an ordinance prohibiting anyone from sleeping on the sidewalk. Wow! Just wow!

Maybe they can go sleep on the bank of the river. Oh, wait, no they cannot. It’s gated off for the most part.

What’s an American to do in the land of milk and honey, endless opportunity, affordable housing, et cetera and so forth? It can’t get any better than this, watching homeless people pushing shopping carts past million dollar condominiums.

Anyway, the river used to be my favorite place to stroll along, but now, it just hurts to see its beautiful nature destroyed in the name of money and profit. Now, in order to even park in the city center, one must pay exorbitant parking fees.

As I near retirement age, I wonder where I can relocate to that greedy real estate developers haven’t zoned in on.

All I know is that developers always tout the importance of growth. Thing is growth is not always good; cancer is a growth and absolutely nobody wants that.

Now, do they?

Please leave me recommendations for places that are not destroyed by greedy real estate developers.

Thank you and have a beautiful week.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Happy Fourth of July

Pictured here is my flag. I am an American. The United States is the only home I have ever known. My family has been in this land for generations; in fact, some grave markers in my family cemeteries date back to the late 1700s. Let’s just say that I have no place else I can call home. This land is my home. My people have fought and died for this homeland we call the United States of America. My people have prospered in this land; some have failed in this land. Life is a series of ups and downs; life is kind and it is unkind. So many variables go into whether an individual is successful or not successful.

Truth is I love my country. I love it because it is my home. No, it is not perfect; no place on earth is perfect.

I ask that we all pray for peace and compassion in this nation I call home.

Once upon a time, we Americans could reach across the aisle and respectfully disagree; but, now all there appears to be is vitriol and pure hatred and an absolute lack of compassion and respect.

Please join me in praying for this nation, my homeland, The United States of America.

I love this land; it is my only home. It breaks my heart to see the anger and rage and vitriol that is tearing it apart.

Instead of screaming vitriol; find a solution. Instead of raging against your opponent, reach across the aisle and discover how you can work together to help each other.

We have the power to build up or tear down.

Let’s build up with love and encouragement.

It’s beneficial to us all.

Happy fourth of July 2022!

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Sunny, warm Saturday, in a past season; but, the season of thankfulness never changes.

Blue birds and red cardinals are soaring across the pale blue sky, alight on branches of the oak trees that form a leafy green canopy.

Wet red and blue wings splash in the little white birdbath next to my lavender rose bush; warm breeze rustles the brown leaves.

God has been so good to me; I can see the kaleidoscope of colors, hear the melody of birds chirping and skittering in the branches swaying high above me; I can feel the warmth of sunlight touch my skin.

I can taste the sweetness of strawberries in the oatmeal I had for breakfast; I can stand in this ordinary moment and raise my hands in thankfulness to my God who has been so good to me.

To my God who has blessed me with breath, who has held me in the palm of his hand, who has lifted me up and let me see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Jenny W. Andrew copyright 2022