May God Have Mercy on the USA

This is the flag of my country, the United States of America.

I love it because of the freedoms that have been guaranteed to me as expressed in the United States Constitution.

Most importantly, this country is my home. It is in my blood. For hundreds of years and through different wars, my people have fought and spilled blood for the freedoms that I enjoy in this land.

I am an American. I have no other country that I can call home nor did my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents, great-great-great grandparents, have any other land they could call home. This land is all that I have. It is woven into the very tapestry of my blood, soul and self-identity. I am an American.

I am very saddened by the state of my beloved land at this moment.

I am urgently requesting that we all turn our eyes toward God and beg Him to heal our wounds, to give us the wisdom to remember that we are a human family that should work together rather than fight and destroy each other.

At the end of this life, we all must stand before God’s throne and give an accounting of our actions. All kingdoms pass away; all people leave this earthly life.

Nothing is forever.

Nothing except God and His kingdom and His judgement.

Peace only comes when a people walk right with God and obey His laws.

There can never be peace without God.

God is love.

Love is kind; love is patient; love reaches across the aisle and sees the humanity in all God’s children.

Please pray for peace and healing for my beloved country, the United States of America, my home.

My home, sweet home.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2021