Remembering River Shannon, 2008

This is me crossing the River Shannon in the Republic of Ireland in October 2008. I cannot believe it has been nearly fourteen years ago. I was awed by the stunning beauty of the Republic of Ireland. I’d heard that the landscape was a variety of shades of green. I wasn’t prepared to truly take in the absolute breathtaking landscape and its shades of green. So beautiful. So breathtaking.

This was a dream come true to see that mythical place that had dwelled in my imagination ever since I first heard my father tell scattered pieces of family history about a distant grandmother whose family had originated in Ireland and ended up in the Colony of Georgia.

My family history is very fragmented. But, I guess, that’s to be expected since I am an American. Literally, my ancestors came from pretty much everywhere. . .

Next stop: Melos, Greece. . .Majorca, Spain. . .Sicily. . .France. . .Norway. . .Senegal. . .Alabama. . .Mississippi. . .Scotland. . .Austria. . .

It’s interesting to think of all the people who make us who we are at this moment in time.

When I was in the Republic of Ireland, I walked those cobblestone streets and I tried to imagine who those distant ancestors were. . .and what if they had never left that place.

What if?

What if?

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022