Without Delay

“You may delay, but time will not-” Benjamin Franklin (Keepinspiring.me)

We all make excuses about why we cannot get started on a particular project. Either we have to watch a movie on Netflix we’d seen for the tenth time; either our tummy is growling and we need a quick trip to the nearest takeout restaurant; either our pet is in need of an ear scratching; either we need to scroll for the thousandth time on our favorite social media to see whether there really are seashells on Mars, et cetera and so forth. . .( I don’t think there are seashells on Mars. This is my imagination running wild as it often does!)

There is always an excuse as to why we just can’t get started.

But, as Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it we may delay but time doesn’t.

Time moves on. Twenty-four hours for each and everyone of us.

It is up to us as to how we are going to prioritize our time.

Time marches on.

How can we maximize our time is the question.

I’ve started writing a schedule in a journal on my desk. I pencil in at least two hours to write on my new novel, poetry book, or short story collection. By writing down my goal I see it as a priority. It is there for me to read and to check off once I have devoted designated time to my priority.

Face it, time will not wait for any of us. For a variety of reasons we delay our movement to our goals. Maybe it is fear of failure that makes us delay.

I forget who said that the surest way to fail is to not start.

So, motivate yourself now while you have time. Unfortunately, time in this beautiful amazing world is limited for all of us. Appreciate the blessing that time is. If you are healthy and capable, be thankful.

Time marches on. Think about what you truly in your heart want to achieve and write it down. Plan and act.

Don’t delay.

Time doesn’t.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022