Random Thoughts in a Coffee Shop: Part II

It’s a rainy, cool afternoon. I see large raindrops pelt the coffee shop window; cars are a blur in the watery world. The past few weeks have been difficult because someone I love dearly has a major mental health issue that no amount of love can rescue this person from. I’ve tried; I’ve failed. But, in my previous post I’ve already gone over that. So, I won’t repeat myself.

Below are a few random thoughts that have occurred to me over the past few weeks; please, do not judge me for these thoughts. These thoughts have bubbled up from a place of hurt and disillusionment. Some are rather humorous, however. Feel free to leave a comment and share some of your random thoughts.

Here goes:

Love isn’t a game, although some people treat it as if it were.

Pretending something is okay doesn’t make it okay.

Pretending isn’t living; it’s lying.

Sharing kinship with someone can be poisonous.

Forgiving sets you up for further abuse. Hard. Stop.

Just because it is the truth doesn’t mean it should be said.

Lies can be the kindest mercy of all.

Dogs are healers.

Cats really get you when you say you want to be alone.

Broken relationships can’t be fixed; broken is broken. Period.

Family is not, is not everything.

Mental health is everything.

Mental health is everything.

You are not obligated to rescue everybody.

Caring for yourself is not selfish; it is necessary.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2023