Masks, Masks, Vaccines, Boosters, Yay!

So, here we are in 2022. It appears that nothing at all has really changed, at all. We’ve just circled back to bite our own behinds! Same smell, just a different year.

Skippy, I guess we all need to just settle in, be obedient, and do as instructed. It has worked in 2020 and 2021, and now with the same obedience we enter 2022 and it appears we are having the same results!

Yay! More mask fun! More vaccines and more boosters.

But, but. . . . like a see saw the numbers just go willy-nilly as if there is no rhyme or reason.

And introducing a new strain to scare ourselves with. . . More fear-mongering from our pharmaceutical and media sponsors.

Will the fun ever end?

How long will this go on?

One mask, two masks, three masks. . . .perhaps five or six will help.

Boosters, Boosters, Boosters? Boosters!!!! Yay!! Yay!!

Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines galore but that pesky virus just won’t go out that dang door and be no more!

What to do? Does anyone have a clue?

Maybe go to Florida and party at a bar? Or maybe go sunbathing in Cancun?

Oops! Somebody forget to wear their mask! But, rules for thee do not apply to me, so saith the gods of fearmongering.

On an airplane? Strap yourself in and tighten up your mask, unless of course you are on a private jet. The rules do not apply to you, of course.

Arbitrary, Arbitrary. It’s all arbitrary, Skippy. Rules for the peons on the bottom who are bullied with fear of losing their jobs if they do not comply with the arbitrary rules.

Fear so thick you can vomit it out (into your mask).

Unless, of course, you aren’t wearing one as you party in Florida or sit on a beach in Cancun or enjoy a flight on a private jet.

So, here’s to 2022 and more of the same.

I’d like to leave you with a few Haiku I wrote. I find them to be quite witty. And, please, I beg you do not comment with that irritating bunk about how mask can save lives. If that were true, then how come we are still where we were two years ago?

Here’s my Haiku:


Fearmongering clowns

Gleefully spew their venom

Laugh as we suffer.


Greedy parasites

Fill our bodies with poison

Make our fear their bread.

At the beginning of 2022, I am tired of the constant, unrelenting, grinding fearmongering that is the media and the pharma industry. Haven’t they capitalized enough already?

Don your mask, roll up your sleeve, go get your booster, et cetera and et cetera. But, please media and pharma, just shut up already!

We get it! Viruses are dangerous! Alright, already!

Let’s circle back to normal, why don’t we, Skippy?

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022