My New Poetry Book: Spaces between the Pause

Okay, everybody, instead of thinking about self-publishing and thinking about how to promote my books, I’ve decided to just go ahead and go for it!

Last night, I wrote my blog about my novel “Bully Another Day,” and tonight I am going to tell you about my poetry book, “Spaces between the Pause.” This is my second poetry book. “Life at the End of the Rainbow” is my first poetry book.

“Spaces between the Pause” includes 50 poems that I have written over the years. It is mostly free verse. The themes include, love, disappointment, self-realization, reconciliation with the past, and the passage of time and how it has impacted me.

Here is a poem about love from the past:


Plastic honeysuckles in a haphazard bouquet,

you presented to me behind the bleachers, wrapped me up in your team jacket, held me.

Kissed me softly beneath the third floor stairwell until the principal discovered us there and like a love-hating tyrant told us to stop.

Stop what?


Stop loving?


You and I were so innocent back then; neither one of us on that chilly January morning in nineteen, seventy-eight knew just how easily a heart could break.

This poem is included in “Spaces between the Pause.”

This poetry book is only in hardback. It is on Amazon books. I am still unsure if I want to include putting books on Kindle. I’d put “Life at the End of the Rainbow” on Kindle, and it was okay. What say you? Do you think I should put my books on Kindle?

I am just so in love with actual books that I can hold in my hand. Kindle is on a computer. I just can’t relax with a Kindle book. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading my book, you can buy it on Amazon Books. “Spaces between the Pause” by Jenny W. Andrews.

If you do, please leave a review.

Be kind, if you do.

Kindness is what this world is missing.

Thank you in advance for your support.

God’s blessings to you, always.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2021

Heading Home: A Poem

Along a road that curves, jostles, jolts, unfurling like a rolling coil,

down paths laden with forgetfulness.

Toward remembrance; the glare of sunlight sparkles like a yellow jewel.

What do I forget? That I want to remember? Now, of all times? Why does it matter now?

Going back towards that place.

Bumpy South Carolina roads cross the Pocotaligo River: Manning in the rearview.

Strewn along the highway like aerial trash, road signs for McDonald’s and Waffle House litter and obscure the blue sky like an insult.

Santee-Cooper Lakes; Lake Marion Bridge. Ninety-five miles outside Savannah, Purple Heart Memorial Highway.

Coosawatchie, Yamassee, Port Royal, Tullifinny Bridge. Savannah in the distance looms like an awkward pause.

Barn with green ivy in the middle of an overgrown field; broken marble tombstones tumble and tilt, victims to time’s abandonment.

Clay, the color of blood, spins beneath my car’s tires; my heart trembles at the remembrance of all that I had lost so very long ago along this road leading back to the land of my people.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

This poem is from my poetry book “Spaces Between The Pause.” It is available on Amazon Books. I haven’t yet put it on Kindle. I am considering putting in on Kindle.

Time passes very quickly in this life. My poetry is a reflection of my life’s journey.

As time passes, I feel the urgency to get my words out and to tell my story. Thank you for reading.

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