Bully Another Day: My Novel

I have always loved to write; I’ve always loved to tell stories. Writing has such an impact on our world. Words have the power to inspire; words have the power to destroy, as well, unfortunately. Words have the power to make us think and to look at different perspectives. I love words and always have. As a small child, I was fascinated by story books I got from the library. Entire worlds are within book covers. Of course, now we have Kindle. That’s okay. Life is about changes and we have to learn to adapt ( as long as that adapting is sensible and beneficial).

My novel is on Kindle now. Previously, I explained that this novel takes a look at the detrimental impact of bullying on someone who already has a mental illness. My novel also explores how the lack of intervention by those who should have intervened led to a tragic end. As I am a forever optimist, the light of redemption is shone in the lives of the characters. This novel is very special to me. It is my hope that in the reading of it that you can consider just how important we all are in caring for each other. When we fail to take a stand against bullying, we become complicit in the harm to that person, and then ultimately to ourselves. We are all part of the same fabric; we cannot prosper when one thread becomes broken. We all begin to unravel. The unravelling of that fabric is what this story is about. I didn’t write it to become rich and famous; I wrote it to make the reader think.

I hope that you take the time to read my novel and to leave a comment on Kindle/Amazon books.

The title is Bully Another Day/Jenny W. Andrews. Go to Kindle Books Official site and book my title and name in the search bar.

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Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Bully Another Day

I have been debating whether or not to put my novel “Bully Another Day” on Kindle Publishing. It is available in paperback, however, I have been hesitant to go the Kindle route. After two years of my novel being available just in paperback and one sale only, I have decided to just go ahead and publish on Kindle. My hesitation has mostly been my own bias towards electronic books. Personally, I like to curl up with an actual book, but, alas, growth is about recognizing that not everyone thinks like oneself.


My dear readers, I am asking for your encouragement as I embark on this journey of trying something new. Yes, I have just put my novel on Kindle, and it should be available for reading in 72 hours (if all goes well with technology, that is).

It is available for $9.99, so that is not too expensive. I think it is quite reasonably priced.

In this work of fiction, I wanted to explore the impact of bullying on those who already have mental health issues, and or a genetic predisposition to mental health issues.

I also wanted to explore society’s prejudices against those who do not fit into the narrow parameters of what is considered “normal.”

In my novel, the main character Johanna Larson comes from the wrong side of the tracks in a small town where there is a gap between the haves and the have-nots. Needless to say, when a person is born into poverty that person becomes an easy target for blame, although he or she might just be innocent.

It took me over twenty years of revisions to get this novel the way I want it. I have something to say about how society looks the other way when those around them are bullied. It is the vulnerable who are the easiest targets. Society turns a blind eye until it is too late; society turns a blind eye until tragedy strikes. Then, society scratches its collective head and is shocked that something went terribly wrong.

Ultimately, my message is that if you see something, say something when a person is being bullied.

Be kind; do the right thing.

Thank you in advance for reading my novel. Please be sure to write a review after you read it. I have not written this story for monetary gain (although that is a perk), but rather I have a greater purpose.

Words are power.

Words can change the world.

It is my hope that my words will inspire you to a deeper compassion for those who suffer with mental health issues compounded by the damage done by a society that does way too little to intervene when a person is being bullied.

I look forward to your comments.

My book “Bully Another Day” is currently on Amazon Books in paperback. It will be on Kindle in a few days.

God bless.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022