Procrastination: Overcoming it!

I will be very, very honest here. . .

At the beginning of each year I purchase pretty planners in which I write my goals for writing. . .I even buy pretty, different color pens to go with my pretty planners.

Then. . .

I place the pretty planners on my desk next to my computer, next to my journals that are equally pretty and that are brimming with my handwritten poetry and short stories. I bask in the beauty of the floral covers and the magnificence of my literary aspirations . . .

But, then I get distracted by pretty much anything. . .

The leaves outside my window swaying in the early morning breeze, the chirping of birds, an old novel on my bookshelf.

I think you get my point.

I accomplish very little.

Time is short; I shouldn’t waste time. . .

So, here are some strategies I have decided to implement to motivate myself and hopefully you. . .

Actually write instead of just penciling in the time to write. Make no excuses. If you are serious about writing then just do it. Find a quiet space and write.

If you feel like your creative well has run dry consider this technique:

Get a word search book or a dictionary and pull out ten random words and write a short story or a poem from those words.

This can really get your creative juices flowing.

For example, what short story or poem can you write from this list of random words I pulled from a word search book?

Okra, Music Box, Delta, Disown, Meltdown, Half a Heart. . .Magnolia, Aurora.

This can be fun. Try it and let me know what poem or short story you might come up with.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Writing! (Not procrastinating!)

Jenny W. Andrews Copyright 2022