Hyacinths on a Window Sill

Often times, people use air freshener to spruce up the way their homes smells.

Well, the other morning I woke up and I was greeted with the soft, sweet scent of the hyacinths that I had bought the night before at the grocery store.

What a wonderfully natural air freshener! No chemicals! Just the soft, scent of flowers in bloom, just like nature intended.

So, the next time you are perusing the cleaning aisle in search of air freshener in an aerosol can or a chemical plug in or a candle, consider buying flowers instead. Flowers are safer because they do not emit chemicals. Flowers, rather than aerosol cans, do not harm the environment. Plants purify the air, in fact.

And, an added bonus is that flowers are a mood booster. Their beautiful colors inspire joy; their sweet scent quite simply makes us happy.

Happiness and joy are not difficult to achieve. Just place flowers in your house and spend quiet time simply enjoying them.

Rather than spending a sunny day inside your home tapping away at your computer or phone, consider going outside and planting a garden. Imagine the sheer beauty of bringing those flowers inside and placing them in vases for you to enjoy.

It’s nearing spring, so get started with your planting.

You will find joy.

And, joy, after all, is within your reach.

Just get started!

Have a lovely week.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2023