Giving Thanks Daily

This year hasn’t been easy for any of us.

2020 has been a year of shocking ugliness and profound fear.

We can only pray that 2021 will be an extreme improvement.

Still, I give thanks daily for so many personal blessings.

God is still in control. God is still faithful. God is still with us. No matter how dark the road or how heavy the burden, God will never abandon his children.

I am God’s child and I firmly believe that he will never forsake me nor abandon me. This is his promise. God always keeps his promises.

Thanksgiving day is on this Thursday. Please make a concerted effort to reach out to a person who might be suffering alone due to this Covid-19 isolation. Pick up the phone and actually talk rather than text. Make that human connection.

We all yearn for that human connection. We are hardwired for human connection.

Community is absolutely essential for mental, spiritual and emotional health. Pick up that phone and call someone you know that might be depressed, lonely or frustrated.

If you are depressed, lonely or just having a difficult time, reach out. Reach out to God. Know that he loves you; know that you are never alone.

Pray for healing. Pray for tomorrow to be better than today.

There is always tomorrow to try again.

Thank God daily for the gift of life. Thank God daily for the chance to try again.

May God bless each of you this Thanksgiving.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2020