Evening Sky over The River

I took this photo a few years back before real estate developers swooped down with a vengeance and started hacking down ancient oaks and cypress along the river banks so that they could construct ugly, dark cinderblock, outrageously expensive condominiums that no local residents could even fantasize about purchasing.

Now, on the steps of those outrageously expensive ugly, dark cinderblock condominiums homeless people stroll by pushing shopping carts filled with their earthly belongings. A few blocks away, homeless people have pitched tents, scattered blankets, so forth and so on, to make a home for themselves. Now, the powers that be have decided to pass an ordinance prohibiting anyone from sleeping on the sidewalk. Wow! Just wow!

Maybe they can go sleep on the bank of the river. Oh, wait, no they cannot. It’s gated off for the most part.

What’s an American to do in the land of milk and honey, endless opportunity, affordable housing, et cetera and so forth? It can’t get any better than this, watching homeless people pushing shopping carts past million dollar condominiums.

Anyway, the river used to be my favorite place to stroll along, but now, it just hurts to see its beautiful nature destroyed in the name of money and profit. Now, in order to even park in the city center, one must pay exorbitant parking fees.

As I near retirement age, I wonder where I can relocate to that greedy real estate developers haven’t zoned in on.

All I know is that developers always tout the importance of growth. Thing is growth is not always good; cancer is a growth and absolutely nobody wants that.

Now, do they?

Please leave me recommendations for places that are not destroyed by greedy real estate developers.

Thank you and have a beautiful week.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022