Art for Fun

“Artist are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.”- Al Hirschfeld (Brainyquotes)


I would never be delusional enough to think that I am Picasso or Dali (then again, on second thought, maybe a delusion is in order considering how disordered our world can be at any given time in history).

I have a huge box of crayons, watercolor pencils, calligraphy pens, stacks of coloring books, canvases, water colors, paint brushes, and sketch pads.

When I am not crafting the next greatest novel of the 21st Century (I am beginning to enjoy this delusion thing) I knock myself out like a kindergartener with crayons, sketchpads, canvases, et cetera, to quite simply create joy in my life. I love colors, bright colors. I love to turn up my music and just immerse myself in art, in the creation of beauty.

It is healing to switch off the distortion and fear mongering that is the day to day loop on the news stations. It is healing to just remind myself that I can control my environment by creating beauty, by sitting in the sunshine in my garden and just simply be. Art, music, and writing are the three soul-healing activities that nourish me.

The next time you feel yourself feeling down, grab a box of colorful pencils or a paint brush and become a kindergartener again. Don’t worry about whether you’ve colored within the lines.

Just enjoy the absolute freedom of art, of writing, of music.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2022

Art for Fun: Mountains

I love mountains, especially the way the early morning sunlight paints the ridges in soft hues of sienna, sepia, and copper, awash in golden shadows.

The skies are ever changing in shades of lavender, pearl, and rose.

Looking into the mountains, the magnificence of earth and sky is breathtaking.

I cannot imagine a place that is more peaceful.

The mountains hold a certain sacredness. The face of eternity is reflected in every mountain ridge. Tranquility is a mountain. High above the earth. Just peace, the nearness of the sky, and the face of eternity.

Mountains are ancient, sacred spaces.

Just for fun, I’ve drawn what I see when I see mountains.

I see beauty and peace.

Jenny W. Andrews copyright 2020