Be Awesome! Go ahead, You Can Do It!

A few months ago, I was browsing in a bookstore and I saw this neat little journal with the title “Make Today So Awesome Yesterday Gets Jealous.” I have no idea who said this, so unfortunately I can’t give credit to that writer, but I really like what this says.

This past year and a half has taken a toll on all of us. It zapped me of my creativity for a while, to be honest.

As a consequence, I stopped writing. Writing is my passion and it really hurt not to write. It has taken me a bit of time to get back in the swing of things that resemble normalcy.

When I bought this little journal, I had hoped it would inspire me. Needless to say, I put it on my shelf and ignored it until one morning I saw it just laying there with sunlight trickling through my window. I picked it up and with the neat little pen that came with it I started to write the first thing that came to my mind.

Unfortunately, the word “nothing” came to my mind. “Absolutely nothing.” That was back in March.

This week, I decided to open up the little journal and think about the words in the title. Just for fun, I wrote the words “I am awesome.” I laughed because I felt a little embarrassed; after all, I was raised not to boast about myself.

But, I wondered what was so wrong about feeling good about myself by writing “I am awesome.” Why not?

I laughed and decided to title each page I wrote in with the words “I am awesome.” Then, I proceeded to write out a plan for my writing. For example, I wrote that I had started chapter fifteen of my new novel, then the next day I wrote that I had started chapter sixteen. I also wrote that I had watched the exercise youtube channel Bodyproject low impact. I also noted that I have written on my WordPress blog this week.

Just seeing my accomplishments, just seeing that I am trying to move forward with small steps, has helped me to look forward rather than backwards.

Just for fun, I wrote “My awesome self has accomplished a lot this week.”

Yes, I laughed. I laughed because it feels good to laugh and to feel good about myself.

After all the sadness, anxiety, and stress of this past year, it feels good to laugh.

It feels good to believe in my ability to try again. It feels good to not give into the sadness of this life.

Yes, there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Sometimes, that light comes in the form of sunlight shining through a curtain in the early morning.

I love this little journal and I intend to write in it everyday.

Thank you to whomever wrote those inspiring words on the cover.

So, everybody, go be awesome!! You can do it!!

Jenny W. Andrews Copyright 2021