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I love to experiment with different poetry techniques. One of my favorite is Haiku. I like its linguistic efficiency. Seventeen syllables (divided 5,7,5) in three lines can be a challenge because word choice is extremely important. Traditionally, Haiku is to  offer an image of the natural world. The image is like word art. The reader should “see” the image.

Here are some of my Haiku poetry:


Scorching sand sky sea

Sun sailing so soundlessly

Skyward searchingly


Leafless branches stab

At a frozen sky and point

At the fleeing Spring


An upright structure

Gray stone halting my passage

To the other side.


I believe that writing should be fun; writing should be about freeing our creative expression. Too often in this world people attach monetary amounts to judge value. People will say “Well, you can’t make any money as a poet” as if money is all that matters in this world. Money, of course, is important. However,  creative expression is the magic that gives this universe its timeless beauty. Creative expression makes this life worth living. Imagine if tomorrow there were no paintings, novels, poetry, movie scripts, etc. How empty our world would be! Creative expression is about freedom to express our vision of this life-the beauty as well as the ugliness. Creative expression should challenge us all to think beyond just our existence and to look into the far future. Imagine hundreds of years from now if someone could still enjoy the poetry that you have written. Think about all the poets from the past and how their words still touch the human soul right now to this day.

I can only hope that my poetry will have that kind of impact.

Thanks for reading!


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I am a published poet and short story writer. I have been published in SNHU's the penmen review. https://penmenreview.com/author/jenny-andrews is the link where you can find my poetry and a short story. Previously, I self-published my novel "Bully Another Day," "Short Stories and Vignettes", and a poetry book "Spaces between the Pause" on Amazon/Kindle. Due to abysmal interest in my self-publishing venture, I have unpublished those three projects, as well as my poetry book "Life at the End of the Rainbow." However, I plan to be more aggressive in trying to find a traditional publisher for these projects.

3 thoughts on “Haiku”

  1. I love these Jenny! As an idea you could post the part about what a haiku is one day and then either schedule an example for later that day or tomorrow and the next day, etc.

    Shorter posts more frequently will help bring people in

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