The Journey Begins

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Welcome to my website!

I am a poet, photographer, and short story writer. 

 My poetry book “Life at the End of the Rainbow” is currently available on My publishing name is Jenny Andrews.  Please be sure to check it out, and let me know what you think.

I became interested in story-telling when I was a small child. My uncles would visit on Sundays and  gather on the front porch with my daddy to drink sweet tea and embellish the details of their misspent youth. 

As the years rolled past,  I carried with me my uncles’ stories, their joy at the retelling of their lives; I also carried within me the realization that words have the power to both hurt and to heal. My love of words directly reaches back to those scorching hot summer days sitting on the front porch with my uncles, listening to them while sipping sweet tea.

It is through this website that I would like to share my love of words through my poetry and short stories. I would like to share writing techniques which I have learned over the years that have helped me to hone my craft.

A word of advice I have for aspiring poets and writers is to be true to your own creative vision, be true to your own voice. Only you can speak what is in your heart. Of course, there are certain techniques that must be considered in order to effectively convey your message.

At this website, I will be sharing some of my poetry. I will analyze those techniques which I incorporated to make my message more concise. I will also share some of my short stories and discuss which techniques I have used to make my writing more imaginative.

Please be sure to check back here, soon.




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I am a published poet and short story writer. I have been published in SNHU's the penmen review. is the link where you can find my poetry and a short story. Previously, I self-published my novel "Bully Another Day," "Short Stories and Vignettes", and a poetry book "Spaces between the Pause" on Amazon/Kindle. Due to abysmal interest in my self-publishing venture, I have unpublished those three projects, as well as my poetry book "Life at the End of the Rainbow." However, I plan to be more aggressive in trying to find a traditional publisher for these projects.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Nice website! I just read your book and think it was fantastic. The most compelling feature of your poetry is the emotional tone you were able to convey. I could really feel your sense of longing. The delicate imagery was very effective in conveying the emotions. When is your next poetry book coming out? Do you have any suggestions for how an inspiring poet can get published?


    1. Hi Alex, thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that you enjoyed my poetry book. Thank you for taking the time to let me know how my words impacted you as a reader. As a writer, conveying emotion is of upmost importance. That sense of longing which you identified is at the heart of my poetry. In my poetry book, I deal with the loss of mother, father, sister, brother, and dear cousin, as well as loss of a former husband. I come to terms with those losses and manage to move forward in my life. The pain of those losses never completely disappears, but it is through my words that I am able to heal, if not completely, I am able to move forward. That is the power of writing-it helps the soul release those emotions that often trap us and stunt our forward moving journey through this life. I am currently working on a second poetry book called “Stalking God.” It is about my own disillusionment with religion, my own anger at what I saw as God’s abandonment of me in my darkest hours, and my eventual realization that He never abandoned me. It was my pain that clouded my view of Him. It should be published by August on Amazon.
      As far as advice for aspiring writers, just never give up your own vision. Write from your heart. Don’t worry about publication, just write. Believe in yourself and push forward. Never, ever give up on yourself. Never. Your words have power and your words matter. Share them. Your words might be the encouragement that someone really, really needs at that hour in his/her life when all hope seems to be gone. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel-your words can point the way to that light.


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